• Publish an app that reflects your district’s excellence.

    Breezeway lets you offer parents a streamlined professional app for iOS and Android. Fully configurable and displaying your color scheme and logo, your district’s app will deliver parents the information they need while reinforcing the district’s brand.

  • Give your parents the single communication channel they’ve asked for.

    Parents already juggle paperwork in the “take-home” folder, phone calls about weather and attendance, and countless emails from the district, campus and classroom. Consolidate all these methods of communication under Breezeway and help parents feel confident and informed.

  • Tightly integrate with your gradebook and other existing info portals.

    Typical parent apps can only link users to the login page of the outside portals – grades, attendance, or “lunch money”. Breezeway goes further by remembering credentials and integrating the portal data directly into the app for a seamless and simple user experience.

  • Reach parents in real time at low – or no – cost.

    Cut down on expensive SMS and voice notification fees by sending no-cost notifications from Breezeway. Our integrated notification modules offer unmatched value and efficiency to schools and unmatched convenience for parents.

  • Update, configure, and re-organize on-the-fly.

    Every bit of information that gets published in your app – including the location and arrangement of the icons and links – is managed on a simple, secure website. Need to distribute a new form, or update contact info in the directory? Easy – once the information is changed on the website, the app instantly displays the latest to parents.

Clear, Modern Design

Users feel immediately at home with our clean iOS and Android apps, and it's our job, not yours, to keep up with changing UI standards.

Seamless Communication

Communicate with parents by sending targeted notifications through your Breezeway app. Open new channels with this new tool.

Real-time Content Updates

All of the app's content is configured online. Make a change in our simple management system and the app is updated instantly.

Integrated Grades and Attendance

If an app is installed but no one opens it, does it really matter? "Hook" parents by offering grades and attendance in real time on the go.

Documents and Forms at Your Fingertips

Organize files, forms, and resources so parents can find what they need with a few taps. Keep your info updated, and keep parents engaged.

Effortless Implementation

Don't wait months for your app or endure a sloppy rollout. Put our experience and efficiency to work - contact us now, and your app could be live in less than 10 days.

-Jane D. Hull

Getting started is easy.

Step 1

Complete our questionnaire so your app has the content your parents need

Step 2

Help us refine the custom look and feel of the app with colors and logos.

Step 3

Use our review portal to test and approve the app on your own device

Start Connecting

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