They are generally the final item customers engage with before leaving your hotel and the first thing they see when they enter their room.

The hotel door locks may be a big cause of worry for owners and managers, especially when they are not present, due to concerns about guests’ safety, the quality of their experience, and the convenience of the locks.

Key Features of Hotel Locks

Doors and their locks may seem like a minor aspect of the guest experience, but they can make or break the whole experience for visitors and staff alike.

Locks on doors are a common point of interaction for visitors and staff alike, as they are present not just in guest rooms but also in common spaces and outside entrances. Which door lock hardware, full-body or individual component locks, should be your priority?

Best Hotel Door Lock Manufacturer?

We work with dependable lock manufacturers like Yale, renowned worldwide for producing high-quality locks. Although they are relatively new to the market, up-and-coming brands like Igloohome and Nuki have already established themselves as formidable competitors thanks to their extensive product lines, cutting-edge technology, elegant aesthetics, and emphasis on personalization, innovation, and safety.

Top-Rated Hotel Locks

1. VingCard Essence

Housing all lock components, along with the reader or mobile access board, inside the door, VingCard Essence reinvents the electronic lock market by achieving the most minimalistic expression, the essence of an electronic lock.

You can count on receiving your VingCard Essence with Mobile Access already enabled. Your hotel will be prepared for the future when smartphones may serve as room keys, thanks to the Mobile Access board installed within the reader.

2. Salto KS System

The Salto KS cloud-based smart lock system allows you to remotely unlock or provide access to a door, offer access for a limited period, or switch it off and on as you need it. You may use the Salto app or your app to achieve this.

The Salto KS service offers three access tiers per your business’s size and demands. The software is compatible with various hardware, including door handles, keycode pads, and wall sensors. Hotel operations data is also provided, which may be used to enhance the guest experience and plan for occupancy.

3. Salto XS4

There is a wide variety of sizes and styles available, as well as a choice of many materials and a palette of colors—thin, discreet silhouettes. Great for hotel chains with locations worldwide, Salto has several distinct lock types at this price point, each with a clear preference for a particular country. This slimmer design fits through smaller doorways. Some people may find the design to be awkward.

4. Confidant RFID

The Confidant RFID symbol of genuine hospitality has a warmer and friendlier appearance. In addition to improving the visitor experience and increasing the lock’s lifespan, the RFID contactless technology used in the lock’s sleek design is a major selling point. This cutting-edge lock may be used with the included access control software or as a standalone unit.


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