Whether we construct a new hotel or renovate an existing structure. The variety of door lock choices available may be too much for you. Modern hotel door locks are more intricate than straightforward handles. Access control methods and keyless entry software systems are necessary for electronic door locks in the hospitality sector to operate in a way that satisfies changing visitor expectations.

Hotel door locks give a chance to improve the guest experience in addition to being a straightforward security measure. If you make the appropriate selection for your facility. Confused about which option to make? This article gives some crucial factors to take into account when making a selection and explores several types of door lock systems and hardware. read the rest of the article.

Different Types of Hotel Door Lock Systems

Due to advanced technology lock systems have evolved. There are many types and designs of door locks. All have different features. Some need hardware like Keys and cards. Others have different mobile control software or fingerprint control. Safety has always played an important role. Electronic door locks are widely used in hotels. Let’s discuss some types in detail.

Electronic Hotel Locks

  • This type provides security, reliability, and convenience to enhance the hotel lock system
  • Mobile access solution
  • Have Bluetooth low-energy capable
  • Can be operated by using a mobile application
  • Fingerprint and password unlock system
  • Guests can use their mobile as a key
  • Remote lock management
  • Tamper Proof design
  • In the case of an emergency can access through a keycard, mechanical key, and electronic override
  • Have door opening record and stranger alert

Keypad Hotel Locks

  • This type of lock required a numerical code to unlock instead of key
  • Deadbolt releases when the correct password is entered
  • The keypad is similar just like a calculator
  • They are easy to use and have a cheaper price
  • Provide security and convince to a keyless system
  • Enhanced durability
  • Easy installation
  • Old keys are now rarely used in the hotels

Mechanical Hotel Locks

  • They are fundamental construction designs and the most common
  • They prove light on the budget
  • Provide the easiest installation
  • They are not efficient like others
  • They are conventional and have many disadvantages
  • Have many types like Knob Locks, Deadbolt Locks, Mortise Locks, Door Bar Lock, Pad Locks, etc.

What Type of Hotel Lock System Is Best

After our brief introduction to the electronic, keypad, and mechanical Door Locks you may consider one of them. Each type has its limitations. Before investing, think carefully about all these types. The electronic hotel door lock System is the best one nowadays. This type provides more security than the others. Alibaba is the website on which electronic Lock systems are available.

Final Thoughts

Our overview of the most popular hotel door lock systems will help you in your decision. The types discussed above increase the value of the guest room and greatly enhance the guest experience. In the era of advanced technology, people prefer electronic hotel lock systems. There are many types of electronic locks on the Alibaba website. Click on the given article.


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